Sunday, May 12, 2013

Lovely summer sky in Wolverine, many a year ago

I had this set of software filters that let me do things like this to photographs. I took this photo the day I went to the Pack Goat Seminar (Yes, I did! You should have come, too!) in  Wolverine. I'm not totally happy about that wire, but that would be fixable, I think. This filter was called  buZZ Simplify. It came from Britain and the company quit upgrading it. It no longer works with the current software and operating systems. Sometime I think my heart will break but Jane of the Camera Club says there is a similar filter in the Topaz set. I'll be looking into that.

Just another bit from William Stafford tonight:
"Yesterday in a discussion . . . students asked whether an artist had to be a rebel. My impulse was to say that it is the society which the artist feels to be rebelling. I feel that I am like a Greek chorus--speaking deliberately and measuredly the central truth of things. While all around me people--bankers, generals, kings, my children, everyone--all speak the wildest kind of impulsive, mistaken things."
From his daily writing, 12 February, 1959. Quoted in Early Morning; remembering my father by Kim Stafford. Page 154.
It's been a long hot day, but a good one. My children called me for Mother's Day.
Good Night!
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