Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Holding the wind


Where I lay first thegrass
hummed, holding the wind.
Already earth,
covering all I touched,
I suffered that sound--it was kind.

When I came to in the morning
all was a different sound--nighthawks at grass level
were working those air channels
their wide mouths found.

When you read this or hear it,
say a prayer for the owls:
they were the adssest I heard
that first long night I listened,
going into the ground. page 19.

from BRAIDED APART; poems by Kim Robert and William Stafford.

I used to wander through this pictured park looking for wildflowers. Sometimes, when I came home I had quite a few ticks on my jeans, but I've never been bitten by one. Yet.

Tonight at the Camera Club meeting, there was a disquisition on long lenses by a man who had some of the very best to show us. They are HUGE! He also showed us his industrial strength tripods, beanbag "pods" to steady and protect the lenses, special tripod heads, carrying cases and a Fresnel-type gizmo that shoots the flash a long way. I was very impressed! But cannot carry the stuff, nor can I pay for it. Also, it looks like quite a learning curve. . . All the way through his demonstration a couple of fellows behind me were talking about what their wives would do to them if they spent that much money on a lens. He did show some gorgeous pictures! I guess I'll just keep shooting where I am with the equipment I have. . .  Good night, it's the second day in May already, by my calendar.

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