Thursday, May 23, 2013

Traveling East at the end of Minnesota, is a beautiful public information area, rest area, picnic ground (PLEASE DO NOT FEED THE SEAGULLS!) and view point overlooking the west end of Lake Superior. This sculpture THE GATE by David Schegell has recently been installed there and gleams in the afternoon sun. The facilities are VERY clean and well planned, the staff was cheery and helpful! We found it by mistake when we misread a turn and went uphill. So we decided to stop there. The view was spectacular, a sort of diorama of 19th Century industrial infrastructure: smoking stacks, iron bridge, port facilities, brick and masonry buildings. The GATE symbolizes the entrance to commerce of possible water transport via the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence to the Atlantic Ocean and beyond, When I was in grade school (I lived in Scotia, New York by the Mohawk River and thus the Erie Canal) this was still being taught as a BIG IDEA, with the implication that it would always be as important as it was then. Big Ideas seem to come and go, looking at them from this vantage.
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