Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What we put on the landscape

Still having difficulties with the DSL and/or the modem. The support guy ordered a tech visit and a new modem today, but it may be several days yet. Tonight, I have already lost another picture, a couple of paragraphs and the poem. Here goes another try. I got this shot from the car on the trip, and only this version, there was no time to recompose. What I like is the way the colors of the sky reflect in the polished metal. I guess these are for grain storage. And I am sure you love these wide-open skies the way I do; why not?
And (not really) because there are no people in this picture,
here is a poem with some people:

“Watching People Walk Along”

Watching people walk along, put on a suit,
a hat, an expression and a smile,
watching them bent over their plates eating patiently,
work hard, run, suffer, cringe in pain,
all just for a little peace and happiness,
watching people, I say it's hardly fair
to punish their bones and their hopes
or distort their songs or darken their day,
yes, watching
people weep in the most hidden corners
of the soul and still be able
to laugh and walk with dignity,
watching people, well, watching them
have children and hope and always
believe things will get better
and seeing them fight to stay alive,
I tell them,
it's beautiful to walk along with you
to discover the source of new things,
to get at the root of happiness,
to bring the future in on our backs, to address
time on familiar terms and know
we'll end up finding lasting happiness,
I tell them, it's beautiful, what a great mystery
to live treated like dirt
yet sing and laugh
how strange!

Juan Gelman from Dark Times Filled With Light; the selected work of Juan Gelman,
translated from the Spanish by Hardie St. Martin, University of Rochester, 2012, reprinted in
Brochure Open Letter, page 14.
Hopefully, later posts will make more sense! Sleep tight!

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