Saturday, May 25, 2013

Buffalo Calves just outside Yellowstone

Just a quick post to keep my commitment, Our Internet service here will not start until the 28th, So tonight my daughter brought her phone over and connected me with something called Mobile Hot Spot. I am posting through her phone, but find it hard to believe.
But here I am. I had ordered some Rutsala books sent here and tonight here is one short poem. I think I was right in remembering him as living on the down side of happiness, but still a very good one,.

Here he is:


The scene: “Meeting a former friend.” The two cen-
tral characters wear uneasiness like a glove as their
hands meet, shake, then fly away to the safety of pock-
ets and secret fists. From a distance---across the room,
say---and observer might think Friends, but nearer he
would think Shell without quite knowing why, There
would be the mustiness of empty houses in the talk---
all furniture removed, bare floors echoing footsteps,
corners heavy with memories of dead parties, The
handshake as they part locks the door.

Vern Rutsala in A Handbook for Writers; new and selected
Prose Poems, White Pine Press, 2004. Page 65.
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