Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Bad Lands at Many Removes

Tonight was a Camera Club of Eagle special meeting on Macro Photography. Instead of a special lens and a tripod, which I don't have here, I brought my Olloclip--to work with its Macro feature. I've seen good work done with this lens on Instagram and was hoping to try it out on lots of things. I was not totally happy with the results. Illumination is tricky, as is holding the phone still enough, But it got a good workout. Jane brought a lot of great stuff, mineral samples, all kinds of feathers, little baskets, knitting, and this reproduction of an old map. I like that in the closeup one can see the defects of the old printing process, in the incomplete letters and such. I love old maps, feathers and mineral samples, and here they all were together.

Posted by PicasaThis is what happens when I let my life pollute my literary blog. . . .And so to bed,

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