Monday, October 14, 2013

Yesterday's Sunrise Revisited: in search of lost time

I'm still dining out on yesterday's sunrise with cloud! If this isn't gorgeous, I don't know what gorgeous is! However, I took hardly a picture today.

I got a lot of stuff loaded into the car, though, but of course there is still too much to do. We went back to a thrift store and that doll was still there and we got it for a dear relative's doll collection. I don't think she is reading this blog. . .   I am packing the curly-haired beauty in bubblewrap now. This doll is wearing an over-the-top vivid red-lilac dress with masses of ivory lace on the petticoats. Adorable!

While there, I got a dandy little straw bag for a sketchbook or camera outing. You can find such peculiar things in thrift stores; things you never knew you wanted. I shouldn't go, but the ones here are very nice, except for one called The Gold Mine, which didn't have one good-looking thing in it when we went. Shocking. I bought a Fostoria dish in my departed sister-in-laws pattern the day we first saw the doll. It looks very handsome on a little table in the family room. Does anyone remember Fostoria now? They had a nice smaller one from the turn of the century in the Moon and Stars pattern that I liked, but it was badly chipped. I will get to enjoy this sparkling dish less than a week before we leave. But I hope to be back in the spring. Meanwhile, the government is shut down in a silly squabble and huge numbers of families are affected by it. I am so angry (and weary of anger) that I could SPIT! (As someone used to say.)

I'm not feeling quite literary tonight. Sorting through things to bring reminds me of so many unfinished projects. I know nobody cares if I finish these self-assignments, but , , , at least I have posted every day this year. Hooray! Or some such.

chicken and dumplings
for a farewell dinner
--autumn wind

Sleep well.

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