Sunday, October 13, 2013

What got me out of bed this morning

Was the dawning of a day with a line of crimson along the horizon. So I put my iPhone and my Olloclip lens in the pocket of my new polkadot nightgown (which I have named Peppermint Patty) slipped into those rubber clogs and went outside.

What followed was a series of glorious events with changing light. I tried out the lens and other camera functions, like a long skinny panorama made as you move your camera along a horizontal path. Over the next three hours, as the light changed and spread across the autumn trees, I took almost 400 pictures. This of course will enhance my digital archives storage problem. Right now it seems like it was worth it.

This is a fisheye view along the front of the house.

This is the west meadow as seen in the lower center of the picture above.

 This is the view to the south.

And this shows how that view looks from what I think of as the Picnic Porch, although we had few picnics there this year; it was a rough mosquito year with a wet spring and early summer.

And now you see this is a kind of threnody for autumn and for this place that I am packing now to leave. I think I will bring Peppermint Patty. And my Olloclip Lens. And, of course, my iPhone 5. The things we carry.

along the horizon
the crimson light of dawn
--autumn deepens

I started the notebook today with last night's poem by Transtromer. Did you write something or draw, or take a picture? Sleep soundly.

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