Thursday, October 10, 2013

Summer Evening--we pick up a load of hay

My daughter and I drove the Bronco out to Cheboygan to pick up a load of hay for the sheep and goats at Goatsbeard Farm. We were able to strap 29 bales on the trailer, but we had ordered 30 bales, so we put the last one in the back of the Bronco, All the way home, through Indian River and so forth, we could smell the sweet smell of fresh hay. I hadn't paid any attention to the age of hay before, but when I saw this I could tell it was good hay--still palely green, though dry, and so sweet-smelling! Really, it was the most lovely smell! I hadn't thought much about the smell of hay before, it's a mild, beautiful, fresh natural odor, if the hay is of good quality.

While they were loading the hay, I wandered all around and took pictures of the sunset, which was gorgeous in every direction.

Lately, I am trying to regard utility wires as a feature, rather than a bug.

This farm is on a high bank above the Black River in a very beautiful situation. Then we started home as the peach color slowly faded to lavender, beginning on the tops pf clouds. I don't know when I have seen a more varied and beautiful sunset, topped off with a crescent moon in the blue. blue sky.

It's been a busy day and, again, I haven't managed to look for a poem. Sleep well, I am tired enough, I think, tonight.
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