Tuesday, October 08, 2013

More from Big Cloud Day

I took this from upstairs and combined several shots in Autostitch when I was sitting around waiting for the Tundra to be serviced for the trip. Ferneliius Motors, the Toyota dealer is in Cheboygan. We went for the day and I took three cameras, planning to take pictures of Mullett Lake, the Cheboygan River and Lake Huron. So much for planning, but I did get the setup ready for carrying these cameras on the trips, in case I wind up using anything but the iPhone.
I kind of like some of these assembled pictures before I crop them. Here is another Cloud Day shot.

NOTE: all of these are much more fun if you enlarge with a single click on the picture!

If you look in the lower right corner, you can see how it overlaps the first shot. The leaning white aspen trunk is the clue.

And this was taken outside, of the view more toward the southeast.

This one overlaps, too. The road leads to a smaller red maple next to a taller yellowing maple.

As you can tell, my head is not in poetry tonight. I am fussing about the trip.. I plan to post from motels the way I did in May, Also, I am struggling with the blog concept. I'd like to shake it up a little and am not sure what changes I want to make.

plans for the future
whirl and ricochet
--autumn cloud

Good Night!

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