Friday, October 25, 2013


This was a month ago.  I think they had just seen me on the porch. All except the browser in the background. Do you think so, too? This was on the outstanding 5-deer day. But today I did see a wood duck on the railing in the backyard. So this place is not without its compensations. And when I have finished unpacking my cameras and laptops, I'll like it even better.

So here's Bill Holm's (see yesterday's post) poem about questions, also from The Chain Letter of the Soul, page 160.

Heavenly Length

Schubert does go on, doesn't he?
Don't you find him a bit much?
How much wine is enough 
to wash down the bread?
Is there water enough to cover
the barges under Lake Superior?
Does the sun put out too much light?
Are there enough words 
in the dictionary yet?
Too many teeth in the whale's jaw?
How many beautiful women
is too many? Will the men find them?
How much Schubert is too much?
Is it far from your left ear
to the top of the Greenland ice?
How many breaths do you intend 
to breathe before you die?
Do you want these questions answered?
Someone is singing a love song.
Careful! It's getting inside.

                                          ---Bill Holm

Can I write a poem with a lot of questions??? It's a good task. We shall see. . .

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