Monday, October 07, 2013

Cloud of Ink

Spent a large part of the afternoon trying to photograph what was going on with the light and the clouds and fighting with my equipment. I got my iPhone caught in the video mode and hadn't learned the way to change back to regular photos in the new operating system. Then I got stuck in black and white square photos which is not what you want on this kind of day. Also in this kind of light you cannot really frame things because you cannot see the screens.on either the phone or the digital camera. Then I put my Olloclip on crooked so the corners of the fisheye lens pictures don't match. And so forth. Meanwhile the glorious light kept changing and the clouds did amazing things like this. It looks like blue-black ink poured onto watercolor paper. I never did get the picture I wanted, but I got some things, like this mushroom outfit; they have been springing forth everywhere since the rains.
We also discovered that our old desktop computer and a new scanner must have been fried by the big lightning strike that I heard night before last while I was writing that post. They are completely dead. We lost two scanners here in the last few years. Scanners must be more sensitive. I need to find out what to do. I had a lightweight surge protector on this time. The lights didn't flicker. I might move the computer table from an exterior wall to an interior one. You can see I have been distracted from poetry by all this.

Here is a cloud picture I did manage to get. It doesn't show the full scope of the cloud exhibit.

As I write this there is a coyote chorus singing out in the wood. There is a primitive joy and freedom in the sound. I suppose if I kept chickens or outdoor pets, I wouldn't like it, but coyote-world is quite separate from mine. I enjoy the  music they make--it moves easily between the worlds..

Lovely poems are in a basket of books by my chair, but tonight I'll give you this haiku.

almost midnight
from the autumn wood
coyote music

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