Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Now he is carrot sticks for the journey---

But don't you think he looks as if he is marching to the left wearing a backpack??
K gave us many fresh carrots just before we left. And I made them all into carrot sticks. I carried them with refreshed ice and we enjoyed them all the way for six days. I am sorry to have to say I cut him up, too. But I thought to take his portrait first.
My eyelids feel granulated, our Internet ain't on yet, and I haven't read anything today except some nice Tom Clausen haiku on Facebook. 
It was a great trip, and literature will return tomorrow. Good Night! 
(Posting from Hot Spot on S's phone.)

Addendum: although this post appeared on my phone as if it had been published, it was only there in draft form until I sent it up today. I am giving myself credit for a daily post anyway. There has only been one other time this year when the post didn't post and I put it up later. So, I still think I can credit myself with daily posts every day this year . . .

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