Wednesday, August 26, 2015

as we leave dreams to the night

The squirrel finally knocked this feeder down enough times to break the bottom off.
I was able to hang it upside down, and today I bought some more sunflower seeds 
for the short time remaining here, Upside-down or right-side-up, it is very popular,
both with the squirrel and the house finches you see here.
I also bought a sack of something called dove and quail mix, and it is doing
very well in the other feeder. I love the bright afternoon light in this picture.


A thousand times
we've read words of parting
a hundred times
seen paintings of the same
it is you and I
who cross this old threshold
offer no wishes
say no goodbyes
these are like acting
silence is best
concealment's never false
leave memories to the future
as we leave dreams to the night
leave tears to the oceans
and wind to your sails
Gu Cheng

Nameless Flowers; selected poems of Gu Cheng
George Braziller, 2005, page 49.

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