Monday, August 31, 2015

The Hand

This seems to be a picture of my grandmother, 
Susan Redd Butler. with her seven children. 
I don't know whose hand it is, but I think it makes the shot!
Front, left to right, my mother, Olga Hopper, Grandma Susie, Marita Brimhall.
Rear: Wendell (Windy) lady in blue--is this Hazel? --it doesn't look like her, 
but she is the only one missing-- Karl Douglas, Louise, and Merwin.
I hope some of my cousins will clear this up for me.

Arizona sun--
the siblings line up
one more time

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  1. It's looking to me like Uncle Karl's wife.. Aunt Molly? Doesn't look like Aunt Hazel to me… My guess is Aunt Molly.