Tuesday, August 11, 2015

In a Green Wood

This is my mesh sunflower seed feeder, which lets the birds and the squirrel
get one seed at a time. Still, they can empty it now in two days. 
I think these are house finches,
which are abundant here.
The bottom is bent from all the times the squirrels knocked it down;
I can only bend it back partway.

In the Mountains on a Summer Day

Gently I stir a white feather fan,
With open shirt, sitting in a green wood.
I take off my cap and hang it on a jutting stone
A wind from the pine-trees trickles on my bare head.

Li Po       [Li Bai]     (701-762)
Translation by Arthur Haley

That these poems have come to us from so many years ago tickles my fancy,

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