Thursday, August 20, 2015

Last Light, last night

In this summer heat, the evenings are balmy and pleasant outdoors. 
I brought my gift Christmas aloe outside and it is looking happier, too!

Whispered ---

just small
small words
almost without breath
for us

like broken straw
words without light
and almost without form
words among tree
small half-words
that lie asleep 
for us.

Amidst all that is great
small, small words
to keep hidden 
on the back of a hand
or your earlobe
small words
utterly without light
like animals
or grass.

Rolf Jacobsen

The Roads Have Come to an End Now; 
selected and last poems of Rolf Jacobsen
Copper Canyon Press, 2001, page 101. 
(Bilingual edition with the Norwegian text on the facing page.)

This poem uses mostly one-syllable words. There are 11 two-syllable words;
the only three-syllable words (two of them) are in the last three lines.
This structural plan, and the title, make this a very quiet poem.

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