Saturday, August 22, 2015

Methods of Transport

April 11, 2009. I was there with my red Panasonic DX07, 
which made a record of the time and date. 
I don't remember where;
I do remember saying, "A motorcycle with a serape!" 
Because my folks were from Arizona, 
I have always liked serapes, and they were
always, so to speak, "Laying around the house,"
when I was a child.
I love the sunlight in this picture,
the gleaming chrome.
the possible journey.

River Song

Of satin-wood our boat is made,
Our oars of ebony;
Jade pipes and gold flutes
Play at stern and prow.
A thousand gallons of red wine
We carry in the ship's hold;
With girls on board at the waves' will
We are glad to drift or stay.
Even the rishi had to wait
For a yellow crane to ride;
But the sailor whose heart had no guile
Was followed by the white gulls.
Ch'u P'ing's prose and verse
Hang like the sun and moon;
The king of Ch'u's arbours and towers
Are only hummocks in the ground.

Li Po             
Translation by Arthur Waley

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