Saturday, August 15, 2015

shade at night (a difficult research)

Cassie usually goes to bed before I do, and sleeps in my place until I get there.
She had gone quite gray and now she is deaf, but we are making good progress
on creating hand signs for what we want her to understand,
On the Daily Walk, she loves to find a nice patch of lawn
for a good roll.


Forest shade, lake shade, poplar shade, highway shade,
backyard shade, cafe shade, down-behind-the-high-school
shade, cow shade, carport shade, blowing shade, dappled
shade, shade darkened by rain above, shade under ships,
shade along banks of snow, shade beneath the one tree in a
bright place, shade by the ice cream truck, shade in the new-
car sales room, shade in hall of the palace as all the electric
lights turn on, shade in a stairwell, shade in tea barrels, shade
in books, shade of clouds running over a distant landscape,
shade on bales in the barn, shade in the pantry, shade in the
icehouse (the smell of shade), shade under runner blades,
shade along branches, shade at night (a difficult research),
shade on rungs of a ladder, shade on pats of butter sculpted
to look like scallop shells, shade to holler from, shade in the
chill of bamboo, shade at the core of an apple, confessional
shade, shade of hair salons, shade in a joke, shade in the town
ha;;. shade descending from legendary ancient hills, shade
under the jaws of a dog with a bird in its mouth trotting
along to the master's voice, shade at the back of the choir,
shade in pleats, shade clinging to arrows in the quiver, shade
in scars.

Anne Carson

The New Yorker, August 10 & 17, 2015, page 32.

Tonight this has reminded me of the pleasure I took in the repetition in Mark Strand's, Chicken, Shadow, Moon and more. (Three examples are on this blog are linked here.) I am quite certain list-making of these types would lead to useful poetry-thought for your own compositions, even if the results were nothing like either model.

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