Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Mary Lou Taylor in Fauve Palette

This is Mary Lou Taylor at our Poetry Salon Writing Group several years ago.
I like what happened to the colors in the lamplight.
Mary Lou has a new book just out; my copy came today.
Below is the first poem in the book.


The urge to copy birds
began at three
when I leaped
from the flaking banister
of our apartment building
first floor
arms extended
I was so sure I could fly.

I was a child
with a small plot of green
in the asphalt of apartments
where a hundred families lived
that little spot my sanctuary.
Covered in winter by unspoiled snow
angels appeared, wings and gown
outstretched in perfect patterns.

Mary Lou Taylor

Apldrich Press, 2015, age 13.

(clicking above on the title of the book will take you to Amazon
where you can buy the new book by Mary Lou Taylor.)

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