Friday, August 07, 2015

Flowering Annuals

The guy who lives a few houses away from us is doing this
and making me very jealousssss!
I had to stand on the dog's leash to get a picture on today's Daily Walk.
She isn;t interested in pausing for me to frame a photo.
In the Great Scheme of Things, growing nice flowers in your yard
may not count for much, but aren't they sweet??
The yellow ones are Plumed Cockscomb
and I think they are quite striking.

must be 14, 
or 15 


Which made me think about the controversial haiku
by Shiki. He wrote it when a number of his poet-friends were
present. Mostly they didn't like it, according to the story.
Some of them later tried to add things, to try to "fix" it.
I think it is quite "cool" the way it is.

Thinking about annual flowers reminds me of 
my mother-in-law. Against the side 
of her little retirement house in Grace, Idaho,
she grew cosmos, a tall annual I was not familiar with then,
and which often reseeds. I asked her the name;
when she told me, she said they were easy to grow
but she had never really liked them.
When I asked why, she said that in her childhood home
they always grew by the outhouse
and she thought of them as "outhouse flowers."
She didn't even like their scent. 

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