Thursday, July 27, 2006


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What is art? And what is the usefulness of talking about art, or making it? Tonight, at a lovely summer meal with fresh vegetables and fruits, we four friends talked about color. How to study it, understand it, work with color, and make it do what you want, not what you never expected it to, and are suddenly horrified by.
So, what is blogging? And why do I find it so interesting, and a little bit scary? It is so public and so unseen and ignorable at the same time. This is a new combination for me, but in some ways a little like writing and publishing poetry in small literary magazines,
Tomorrow the green granite countertop will be delivered and installed. It will be the result of a big heavy stone choice, not perhaps quite as permanent as a gravestone, but just about as irrevocable. I hope it proves to be gorgeous.
Today I saw a Flickr group that seemed to be just for photos that someone had commented on with the single word "gorgeous" -- actually this is quite a frequent comment on Flickr. I have made it myself.
Note: I've been meaning to mention that if you click on any of these blog photos, you will jump to that photo on my Flickr site and you can navigate to all the other photos from there. It's definitely all about art. Really . . .

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