Sunday, July 16, 2006

Into the darkness, and memories on film

Into the darkness
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Another photo from the lotus garden trip. I loved the lamp glowing in the dark temple of Kwan Yin. I have just about got all my photos on a new separate hard drive. Another project will be scanning about 1500 family slides from 1953-1980. Then I can pick from thousands of illustrations for the blog. Tonight I entered most of my haiku books into Some of them I had to enter manually; then I discovered that the University of California has the data for many of the small haiku monogaphs. California State Library isn't among the choices of database to search, but maybe UC shares data with the American Haiku Archives there. It saved me some work.
I guess tomorrow we'll try to see if Fabricating Man can fit us in; if not, we will wait until fall. Hopefully we can drive to MIchigan in another month. Crossed fingers.
The monotype auction was very hot and very noisy (echoes!) in the solid cement room of the Institute for Contemporary Art. The auctions for known artists went above my $$$ threshold, but I did get Susanne's lovely monotype of a forest scene called Near The Limekiln. Which was what I wanted.

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