Friday, July 14, 2006

To the tile store again

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We are just about there, but tonight both Tile Guy and Granite Fabricator Guy failed to call me back so we could definitely confirm that all three of us can meet next week to get started. Scott did figure out where to plug in his coffee pot, one of his big concerns. We found out at the sink store today that stainless steel kitchen sinks costing many hundreds of dollars no longer come with those round sink strainers that fit over the drain. A sink takes two and they cost $30 apiece at this store. We are going to look about. The old ones are worn down to the brass. But we think we can re-use the faucet. Scott wants a new disposal; this one has gotten very noisy--most probably a prelude to failure, Isn't this fascinating??? Stay tuned for more of this gripping story.

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