Saturday, July 15, 2006


lotus leaf sketch
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At the Lotus Garden, I sketched several leaves, but felt unable to try the seemingly more difficult flowers. This is my favorite leaf sketch, and was the first one I did. They didn't get better. Sketching is something which I would like to do, but am also a little impatient with. I guess I am used to the speed of taking a photograph.
It's another hot day today, above 90 degrees. The dogs all lie about chewing on rawhide. Some of them have hidden in one of the dog crates to protect their chew from prying eyes.
An old interview with Katharine Graham (1997) is on Book TV. It reminds me how much Robert liked her book the year he died. I think he was carrying it when he came for a short visit. Sometimes these memories are quite vague; I am not sure about this. It is interesting to listen to someone who has been rich all her life and still worked very hard, but doesn't really know how to do things without what most of us would consider a lot of physical and mental assistance. When she talks about the research for her autobiographical book, she said "we" interviewd about 250 people.

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