Saturday, July 29, 2006

For Basho's frog

For Basho's frog
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Ocean Green granite. I'm thinking about greens. And leaves, and all the outdoor things that are so beautiful. There was a frog here, but he jumped away as I was focusing.
I've been surprised at how many haiku books I have, as I've been entering them into Librarything. I also found several books I haven't read, which surprised and pleased me. The interesting thing about cataloging my books is that I had thought I would be deciding which ones to move out into the greater world. But entering them is a keeping/collecting strategy, and not compatible with discarding. I've even entered a couple of books that I've already passed along. I marked them deacessioned. If museums can do this, so can I, just later.
Tile Man turns up early Monday morning. Everyone is making quite an effort to get the job finished. I really appreciate this. The plumber will be the final step for now, and if that goes smoothly, we'll have our facilities back. Except for the stove; I forgot about the stove.

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