Friday, July 21, 2006

Point Lobos: Depths of green water

Depths of green water
Originally uploaded by jhhymas.
Last year before the haiku conference, a few of us met here for a ginko, or haiku-writing walk. The photo ahows a sort of lagoon that is connected to the ocean through an opening like an archway, or tunnel.
I am discovering moe and more what a rich photo site Flickr is. There is almost no limit to the amount of time you could spend there looking at photographs, manipulated photographs and even some other artwork. Some people give the most interesting and creative titles to their work. Often these are taken from popular songs. The photography can be inspirational. People discuss photo composition, equipment and problems with others. If there are only three photographers in the whole world interested in something obscure, they could find each other here. Other people create little applets or widgets that link to other places or perform other functions. Various photo clubs, called groups, are based on almost any idea you could think of. Some are very rigid, controlled and structured, others are almost goofily free and limitless, not to mention chaotic. I have been exposed to a level of work by non-professionals that I have had difficulty believing existed. It challenges me to think more and try harder. Yes!

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