Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Inside the monotype exhibit looking out; Library Things

ICA one
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Taken last week, this is the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, looking out on First Street. Tomorrow I will go back and look at the annual monotype exhibit again. This time I'm going with a friend, and hope to be able to focus better. Sometimes looking at art can be exhausting. It reminded me how Paul didn't like going to museums any more after Bill died. He said there was too much death in them. It's hard to believe that he himself has been dead since 1990.
Tonight, Scott and I had sandwiches with that delicious olive slop on them from the Safeway. We went back to the tile store today, but still don't understand which of the incredibly beautiful tiles come with the parts and/or in the sizes we need. And finding a nice tile to go with the darker granites we like is more difficult than with the pale brown, lighter (and slightly more boring) ones.
Discovered the LibraryThing.com website through a mention in Poets & Writers Magazine, which came today. I have already joined (your first 200 books can be listed free) and listed 7 books, easy, fast and fun. I've always wanted to know what books I had, both here and in MIchigan, and now I can. It's a project, but can be accomplished incrermentally and in sort of not-productive-anyway time. After I finish, I can answer the question, "How many books do you have, anyway???" The site has a lot of community features like Flickr, but because it is so new, the listings seem skewed toward science fiction and other geeky-collector areas. I did't see as many art books, for instance, in my first investigations. And a children's book of Elisha Cooper's (one of my new enthusiams for his simple sketch style) was the only one of the title that has been listed. But these bits of information can be fascinating. When you've loaded a lot of titles, they will even give you a list of what other people with many of your titles have. I can't wait to see this!

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