Sunday, September 21, 2008

Globe Thistles at the Farm Market

I could stay here all afternoon taking pictures of fruit and flowers! Sometimes I think that digital photography has unleashed me to take too many pictures. In the last two years I have been at events at which nearly everyone was taking pictures; it made it difficult to see the event, or enjoy the quiet beauty of, for instance, the cherry blossoms. If they haven't bothered with cameras, now they have a cameraphone.
I tried to imagine how I would use these dried thistles if I bought some. They had handsome deep yellow yarrow, too, but I was having trouble making an arrangement in my mind.
Bill's Farm Market is the one place I have found where I can get a few of my beloved Macintosh apples every year. The apples of my childhood, they are the apples that truly taste like apples should taste! Crisp, and just faintly sour, or acid. S says they are too sour, but he doesn't have a childhood apple. The Fuji apple seems too sweet to me, and the texture is too grainy. I admit they keep well, ship well and are very crisp, but I hope to have a bag of Macintosh apples every season as long as I can chew!

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  1. I agree with you, June, an apple taste is a Mcintosh taste. The tartness that almost brings a tear and the crunchy solidity of every bite. Yummy. The thistles are beautiful, I love anything purple.