Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The heart-shaped leaf

The heart-shaped leaf
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Because my modem crashed, I've been gone. In the few short years of DSL, I had developed the need to be able to look up anything at any time. We had a terrifying week, because they said they were sending the new modem "next-day air" and it came ground. It could almost have walked here from Wisconsin in the amount of time it took. Such fussing! Such anguish and suspense. . .
When I picked up the book I got on digital infrared and saw how beautifully white sunflowers were, I ran right out and our two volunteers (bird seed?) were just ready to shoot. Here is the largest of the beauties.
Heard from someone I have known since the late 1940s today. I sent her a scanned picture of a group of us in about 1948 or 1949. I sent it in 2004. She asked me a question about one of the people. When I finally remembered the name, I wrote back in 2007. When another friend complained by phone that she hadn't answered email she looked at an old Juno account that she thought she had cancelled. It had 6000 messages in it, one of them my answer.
So, she's just answered my answer and maybe we'll keep it up. Email makes these things possible. People can ask questions (or tell you they love you) that it would be embarrassing to waste a stamp on. Good night, lovely sunflower, and good night, all my lovely friends.

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