Monday, September 22, 2008

Praxilla in the Forest

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These fragments are all that remains of the writings of Praxilla who lived in the 5th century B. C. I should know the translator, but when Pat Shelley wrote these out for me, she forgot to note that.
They are good autumnal quotes for this turn of the season, I think.

1. The fairest thing I leave behind is sunlight,
the shining stars and the full moon’s face,
and also ripe cucumbers, and apples and pears.

2. Yet they never persuaded your heart.

3. Learning from the tales of Admetos, my friend, love the brave
but avoid cowards, knowing the gratitude of cowards is small.

4. Watch for a scorpion, my friend, under every stone.

5. You who look lovely from the windows--
a virgin face, but newly wed below.

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  1. Joann and Jack recommended your blog, June. I came and like what I am looking at. I am also a lifetime reader but not all classics though I have read them or some of them. I am more into life, living and Nature as well as our Environment and the issues we have created there. I began photography in Japan in 1953 and have been doing it since. I am married to the same lady since 1955 and have five adult children though they seldom act like it and three are 50 or older.

    I admired your narrative, commentary and photography and the association of the two.

    I have four blogs. It might take a minute or two to see them all but you might find a photo you like.