Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What is my name?

What is my name?
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Handsome, don't you think? And stands out so nicely on the yellow clusters in our meadow. I got a lovely surprise phone call from a friend tonight and almost couldn't shut up. I had to fill her in on three months. I don't know why I never call people up. I always think they will be asleep, or eating, or talking to someone else, or just grocery shopping. Once my son said, quite sharply, that I didn'i call him "like other moms" -- that was quite shocking, and I call him more now, but not as much as I should.
My granddaughter, age three, called me up for Grandparent's Day, a new commercial holiday that I only heard of recently and immediately forgot. She and I had a lovely chat-- it is getting quite easy to understand her on the phone. She said she had to eat five bites of her carrot salad before she could call. Her family had stayed in our
house on a recent short trip. In the middle of the call, she suddenly stopped, "Where ARE you?," she cried out, having expected us to be at home, and being used to more frequent visits from us when we are living nearby.
"MIchigan." didn't convey a lot of meaning to her. It's right on the cusp of autumn now. We came close to a frost last night.

in his evening flight
the crow’s swift certitude
—autumn deepens


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