Friday, September 26, 2008

Peekaboo reds

Peekaboo reds
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Just before I took this from the porch, two deer bounded into the woods. I saw only the white flags of their disappearance. Each day now brings more red leaves; it is hard to accept that the summer is really over.
Inspired in part by Ted Kooser's tales of thrift stores and garage sales, we stopped at Challenge Mountain on the way into town. I found a clear heavy pressed glass pitcher to use for water on the dinner table; I had been wishing I had one. Also toys for granddaughters and even a toy for myself, in the form of a stuffed muslin rabbit in pinafore that looks like the child of the one I got from my daughter's garage sale. They sit together now on top of the living room bookcase. It's a nice distraction from politics. Sigh, as Charlie Brown used to say. Sigh.

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