Thursday, September 11, 2008

I want to be your boyfriend

I want to be your boyfriend
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Oh, I can't resist this. The way the girls are looking at him!
It's been a good day. The boys are back home for a short visit and we all had dinner together. Afterwards, we played SORRY and I won easily. It's the only board game I know the rules to, and I play it with all my grandchildren, but I don't often have such a decisive win.
Tonight the boys heard, then saw, a meadowlark, singing on a post. For the past few days, a couple of bluebirds have been catching bugs in our meadow, along with a pair of flickers, a kingbird, and a flock of starlings. I can't tell what kind of bugs they are catching, but I wish they would catch the paper wasps that are bginning to build near the porch. I'm imagining we are in the midst of bird migration. These cranes were not our local Famkily of Four, but a group of 18 that, for some days, have been in the stubble field from rye that our neighbor planted this year. I sat in the car to take the pictures, because they start to ease away from the road when you get out of the car.
Today, an unexpected letter with some pictures from about 20 years ago. Nice pictures, a very nice surprise.

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