Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A single idea: three notebooks

This week, I started a new Moleskine to carry with me. On a trip to town yesterday, I found these two wannabees: top, at the dollar store $1--lined pages of ordinary paper, glued binding that seems very strong, pink elastic closing, no bookmark; middle, Office Max, $6.99, made in China, laminated leather cover with edge stitching, sewn binding, black elastic closing, ribbon bookmark, expandable envelope inside back cover. I got the graph paper one, since I have been wanting to play with graph paper. I haven't measured the squares, but they look very small, and maybe metric. The paper is not heavy like a real Moleskine.

At the bottom: my real classic Moleskine for comparison.
FROM THE DEPARTMENT OF GOOD IDEAS! You cannot keep it to yourself.


  1. Interesting I actually had to look up what moleskine means...

  2. Way cool. I have modified the blog entry to link to the graphpaper generator that clicking your screen name links to. I love it. Tomorrow, in yellow, with 1/4 inch squares! June