Saturday, January 12, 2013

American wigeon: Anas Americana

A sunny day, but cold. This handsome fellow posed for me (15x lens). I love the blue snow-shadow. The way feathers are colored and arranged on different birds is a constant delight when you have a chance to see them clearly. Now I know why Roz Stendal likes to sketch them. I keep planning to sketch them, too, but I am afraid of a very steep learning curve. Tonight in the news some 3 millionaires are going to jail for cheating people out of "invested" money, and some billionaires are dumping THEIR investments in American companies, to avoid the coming 90% (that's what they said) decline or CRASH in the stock market. I looked on eBay for a zigzag sewing machine which I feel a nostalgic need for here. Prices seem a little high, since I haven't met anyone who sews for 15 years. . .
But I'll keep looking.
Last night I filled S in on the Pillow Book of Sei Shonagon, who was really an Emperor's court SNOB. But I defy anyone to read her short take on each of the four seasons near the beginning of the book and not be transfigured. I am working with three versions, just for the hell of it: The classic Arthur Waley on Kindle, the scholarly Ivan Morris (Columbia University Press) and the one I paid the most for: the Kindled Meredith McKinney (Penguin Classics) which was supposed to be more lively and readable, but so far, I have not found it so. I'm really liking the Ivan Morris, but the print is very small and I cannot read it in the dark, so I plan to continue to toy with all three.
Sleep tight.
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