Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Canada Goose; can I be as successful?

It's NEW YEAR'S DAY! And I have seven minutes left to keep my resolution to restart this blog. I did do a tiny sketch and wrote a lot of cards to some of the people I am missing by living in this new place in Idaho. And I wrote one haiku! So that's a start. I hope you did better.
Results are in  for the Christmas Bird Count just held by my friends from the Petoskey Regional Audubon Society, along with many other Auduboners. Once again, Canada Geese won: 2209 birds were tallied out of the 6559 individuals spotted by the teams of birders. Black-capped Chickadee was next at 485 and it falls off rapidly after that. The Audubon Society used to publish a BOOK with the nationwide tallies. I don't think  they do that any more. So the big bird is doing well, and I plan to move ahead this year.
Just saw John Keegan on Charlie Rose's 2012 obituary show. What a smart fellow! The In Depth show I saw him on is still very clear in my memory. It hadn't occurred to me that Military History could be that fascinating,  I have read many of his books since, and especially recommend THE FACE OF BATTLE, which compares the Somme to Waterloo and Agincourt. Awesome!!
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