Wednesday, January 02, 2013

January near Alanson, Michigan

Out the front window last year, looking toward the woods and meadow that we donated to The Little Traverse Land Conservancy in December. It will always by protected as a Nature Preserve and wildlife sanctuary. I couldn't be prouder! I have photographed these birches in all weathers and times of day. I just thought of making a group of them. Another task for the coming year!
I saw somewhere a few days ago that one of my favorite American poets, Louis Simpson, had written an autobiographical work, which came out in 1972, called North of Jamaica. I hadn't known about it, and ordered a used copy from Amazon at once. It came today and I am going to start it as soon as I finish this blog post. I got kind of a kick out of the old yellow sticker on the front of the dust jacket that says "4 for $1" I actually had to pay more than that: about twice its original price of $6.95. Many books of that vintage would not sell at all. We shall see how much this one does.
I must state, at the beginning of this year, that my lifelong predilection for reading has served me well in all seasons. It sustained me as a child and youngster and teen--college student and young wife and mother. It led me to my beloved career as a librarian and has been a major source of joy in my retirement. And I didn't think I would like electronic books, but I do. More on my Kindle adventures to come. Blessings be to all this fine New Year!
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