Monday, January 07, 2013

Tonight I'll talk about my mother

On one of my visits to her place after she moved to Grandview Farms Condominiums outside of Provo, I took this bee-portrait. She bought the condo before it was finished and had them omit the cement wall around the outside area designed, perhaps as aback entrance and to store the garbage cans. She made it into a garden, planting a small apricot tree, grapevines, herbs, edibles and many different flowers over the 12 years she lived there. The cement pad served as a little covered porch and she set cute wrought iron chairs there. Neighbors and visitors alike enjoyed this garden, which was quite neatly kept with the help of her family.
Alas, it was destroyed the day after her funeral, before the nice descendent of Mormon pioneers who bought it could move in. He had thought he'd grow tomatoes. A wall was put up; now all the condos look exactly alike--but I remember, and I have lots of photos. I know there are sadder stories out there, but this one still makes me mad.
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