Sunday, January 27, 2013

Photo Apps on the iPhone

Is where I have spent much of today, after Jennifer reminded me about ProHDR, which I had, but had forgotten how to learn how to use. So, now I have a gull on a mesa, various other treats, some black and white conversions from another program and etc. And still am not any farther with my complete life plans. The above was made by a program called addLib, which uses your photo as a base for something like a magazine cover, or a classy advertisement. It happens fast, and you have no control over the result. Sometimes it puts the date on it, sometimes not. This is from a photo of my granddaughter. Go thou and do likewise, if you have an iPhone.
(Doesn't everyone. . . . .???)
But you will be relieved to learn that Thornton Wilder hasn't given up on his Alcestiad yet--he has returned to it for another serious try. Also, Ruth Gordon finally talked him into revising his Broadway flop play into a new one (with her as star) to be renamed The Matchmaker and opened in London. So he did it, and soon (maybe even by tomorrow, or the next day) it will transmogrify into the hit musical Hello, Dolly and insure that he can leave support to his sisters, especially the one who was lobotomized for schizophrenia. And so it goes--I'm about 62 percent through with the book; Kindle gives a running tally along the bottom of the screen.
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