Saturday, January 19, 2013

I am getting a kick out of duck's feet in motion. Plus Met Opera Broadcast . . .

Here is today's sample. I have even better ones. It is sort of reminds me of awkward, yet functional, dancing. I got out a Canon Powershot Pro that I haven't been using. It's a camera with a viewer, because in the snow/shade light, it is impossible to see the screen. Then I downloaded the manual and found out you can take bursts of photos. That's for tomorrow. I hope to catch some flight.
Tonight I am thinking about the informational text I need to write about the history of our donated nature preserve land in Emmet County. I want to find out who homesteaded the land and any information about the Haines family. I have begun to write some letters, hoping to find out any facts. We shall see.

Tonight we watched the Metropolitan Opera Broadcast with Anna Netrebko and a tenor I didn't know, Matthew Polenzani, singing that silly melodic Donizetti delight, L'Elisir d'amore. I've been a little tired of the ever-present Anna, but she did a great job, I have to say. And the tenor, Oh, my goodness! Such a ringing, rich tone, with a kind of beautiful metallic edge--I don't know how to describe the sound, but I wish I could.  The broadcast was of a performance that was shown on screens in an open square in New York. At the end, they showed some video taken of people's faces as they watched. And then, I was surprised, but the cast came out on a sort of balcony above the crowd and was cheered. I can't explain why, but this made me cry. Maybe it was so many people enjoying something that is out of the geographical, financial and interest reach of so many people. Sometimes I am surprised by a sudden teariness; I am reminded of my father who always cried over a part in a TV show or movie where a parent was reconciled with a child. Unless you had a father who quietly cried about this, you might not realize how many parent-child reconciliation scenes there are in shows. Check it out!  Good night.
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