Tuesday, October 16, 2007

At the Waldron Fen

At the Waldron Fen
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I always want to write a fairy tale and illustrate it with this kind of photo. I love many of the picture books that came out while I was a librarian from 1962-1999. I am particularly fond of the work of Nancy Ekholm Burkert, who did such elegant and beautiful art.
Doesn't this look like the type of faery pond where dwells the magic frog with golden eyes? I love the beautiful repeated verticals of the aspens on the other side of the pond. And the variant greens as the leaves begin to turn.
I did read the book by Conrad Richter, It is called Tacey Cromwell and I liked it very much. The title character is very strong and sort of relentless. There is much about the society of that day, and about Bisbee and mining towns in general. I think this edition was published in 1942 (terrible yellowing paper) but the book was perhaps written earlier, although just checking now, I guess not.
It seems to have been a bestseller. In the 1950's movie Natalie Wood played the young girl Tacey befriends/adopts, Seely or Celia. The book was republished in large type in 1990. It's an excellent choice for large type and would be enjoyed by many older people.

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