Thursday, October 25, 2007

A brush with autumn

A brush with autumn
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Across Round Lake, I think. We went so many places it was hard to keep track. This was on the other side. Tha lake is quite shallow and gunky. It is possible to get your canoe stuck in the almost-quicksand. We were here to look for shorebirds, and we saw Yellowlegs, and a Wilson's Phalarope. But it was hard to take my eyes off these trees. Tonight, packing up the garbage, I discovered a leak under the sink. Wouldn't you know, with all the loose ends to tie up before we leave. Yesterday, S. had a flat tire. The stem was defective. Resolving it took him more than half a day. But I am grateful that maintenance is available and we can afford to pay for it. I think constantly of the struggle so many people are having with the cost of medical bills, housing, car repair and dentistry.

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