Saturday, October 06, 2007

Blended Peach

Blended Peach
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I look about at other blogs, the rants, the discontinued, the silly, the depressed, the depraved. There is a very real question whether this is worth the time it takes. I should probably be embarassed and pray that no one reads it. But honestly, I would like people to read it--and if they are going to, I know it should be more carefully and thoughfully constructed, For now, I am keeping it up because I have so little discipline in my life.
Yesterday I read Lucia Perillo's I've Heard the Vultures Singing; field notes on poetry, illness and nature. It's a book of personal essays that is just about perfect. I say this not because she is such a good poet and we used to be in a poetry seminar together many years ago, but because it is a blend of rancor, truthfulness, wonder, silliness, intelligence, birds, culture and American life that strikes me as just about as good as such a book could possibly be. Do yourself a favor--it's not very expensive and it's a slender book and thus not a major time commitment.

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