Monday, October 01, 2007


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Another leaf; this time of year I bring quite a few home to add to my leaf phone book where they dry flat. But i left this beauty curling there on the path and making such a beautiful shadow.

Grandson TJ just back from a Saturday spent at amusement park at Cedar Point. He described each ride in detail--how many feet high it was and how the drop was constructed. How long (two hours!) they had to wait in line for the best rides. I haven't seen him this happy and excited all summer. I guess I'll have to revise my attitude about amusement parks (I haven't been amused . . .) where I have never wished to stand in line.

My sister told me many years ago, "You were BORN old!" Still makes me grin when I think about it, and it is probably true. I wasn't a very good sister to her, being too interested in reading to pay her any attention. But I do have small amounts of empathy and it was truly lovely to see TJ so excited and happy. Welcome to October.

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