Wednesday, October 10, 2007

San Diego Birds

San Diego Birds
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In a blog about memory,sometims you have to go backwards. This is from a long-ago trip to San Diego's Wild Animal Park. It's a view from the train. I love all the bird shapes and even the funky blue color, caused I suppose, by the film and the shadowed light. Or by cheap developing from a slide, I seem to remember. I thought it was a great photo at the time, but now I have gotten better. I particularly loved the egret shapes in this, but the other birds are great, too. It was a long time ago, and with my special friend, Diane.

I found an amazing blog today that makes me embarrassed to be doing this one. The author is a poet and reviews operas, books and other things from Washinton, D.C. Another blog is a cooperative effort by several people and the things they put up are really substantial and interesting. When I learn how to make links, I want to link to blogs like these. Good night!

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