Friday, October 05, 2007

Dunes and sky, Asilomar

Dunes and sky, Asilomar
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Yes, it really is this beautiful there on the Monterey Bay. In storied California, land of world-famous goofiness, home of half of my heart.

Tonight, here at the Tip of the MItt, we had one of the best thunderstorms of my entire life! If too short. Lightning flashed on three sides of the house at once, There were tremendous thundercracks and that rumbling sound like very heavy furniture was being dragged across the floor of heaven. That wonderful, electrified freshness to the air, followed by a teensy, insignificant bit of rain. A couple of the dogs hid in a kennel. All during the storm and afterwards, the Bruckner Symphony #8 was playing. It's a fine thunderstorm symphony!

My daughter's mule has stopped eating again. She is very sad. Grandson is off again this weekend for an annual party at a friend's house. He went a day early so he and his brother could go back to the Toledo Zoo, which they enjoyed so much a couple of years ago.

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