Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The copper version

The copper version
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It's hard to resist playing all day with even ordinary photographs. How my mom would have loved doing this. She got a great deal of pleasure from multiple copies of xerox images and all sorts of collagey things. I should find and post some of her collage accretions that I photographed before she left her home in Ohio. She would start with one image, usually one of her children and, over time, add similar or related images to it. Going up the stairwell, there were lots of dance images including Matisse's Dance, Isadora Duncan, an arched Marilyn Monroe stretched out on red satin and one of those many-armed god statues from India. It was quite astonishing. Good night, Mom, sleep well, under your bronze plate that reads, "We are such stuff as dreams are made on." And Shakepeare, too, keeps on sleeping. . .


  1. Yes, this pile of rocks is along my fence line near the maple in the picture. I used a Nik filter to give everything the copper tone. It surprised me how well it came out.