Monday, March 18, 2013

Idaho Oregon Nevada Highway 95 -- through the windshield

The long straight highway into the future is also the road into the past. 

We just finished watching a 2000 documentary on Edward S. Curtis and his gorgeous 20 volume The North American Indian. He really spent his life doing what he wanted to do! And in a strange way, from the time he made his boyhood camera from a lens his father had salvaged, to his patent for a gold mining device, he was always becoming more modern, adding first wax cylinder sound recording, and then moving pictures as they became available, He planned extravaganzas like colored slide shows with live orchestras. He published the books from 1907 to 1930. And of course the Depression had already begun, completely ruining the slights chance that someone might realize what an accomplishment it was.

Looking for something else I just found another photo of this same road that I used in the blog right after I took it last year, Not the same photo, because the telephone pole is in a different place and there is no greening clump in the lower right, I guess I like the blueness of the sky. Here's a tip for iPhoneographers. From the moving car, shoot straight ahead, but put your phone very close to the glass.
Important note: you should be in the passenger seat 
and someone else should be driving.
Then move the phone slightly and take several shots--this is to avoid having the same bug-guts-smear in every shot and also gives you some shots to pick from. It's all digital, you're only limited by battery life.

I have been thinking for several days about accomplishment and about making things in general. And hope to talk about that tomorrow. (I had planned to talk about it tonight.) Middlemarch continues to be utterly  delightful. What a sharp woman George Eliot must have been! Insight after insight about human beings--you want to read every sentence aloud to someone. I went to Amazon to order the best book about her life, which seems to be a new one that costs $79 (list price: $95. Kindle version is $60. YIKES!) I ordered an older one, used, that looks pretty good and is in my price range. But I am going to explore interlibrary loan on the costly one.
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