Tuesday, March 26, 2013

View of Capitol Building, Boise,Idaho

This time I was driving (but I was stopped at a light) and I could put down the window with the buttons at my elbow. Then I gave it a quick run through TangledFX on my iPhone. I have to say there are many things about this that please me. I love the shape of the tree, and the frame of the car window, seat back and mirror. I love the color, muted, almost black and white. I also love the two newspaper stands, which look like a pair of toy soldiers. And you CAN see the Capitol, you just have to look harder. I like all the windowed buildings and the contrast between the form of the tree and architecture. Naturally I immediately began trying out similar things. but this remains my favorite.

In George Eliot's biography, Marian Evans is just about to run away to the continent with Mr. Lewes and become an official Scarlet Woman. This was a tougher role that it later became. They spent the rest of their lives together (he died first) and in Europe she will meet George Sand and become George Eliot, I think. This biography, by Frederick Karl, continues to seem a solid piece of work. Good quotes from sources, good evaluations of actions and motives. And of course it was a very interesting life and well documented with those Victorian letters and diaries.
I finished Middlemarch last night and it was satisfying all the way! She even did us the favor, near the end, of outlining what happens to many of the characters after the novel ends.Now I have to make another big decision: read another of Eliot's novels right away, or let some time lapse?? Oh, these choices!
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